Fifty-two New Tenure-Track Faculty Comprise Largest Group Since 1948

Brooke Moore
Brooke Moore, Presidential Administrative Fellow, welcomes new
faculty members during the new faculty orientation day.
(photo KM)
The largest group of new faculty in fifty years, fifty-two tenure-track and fourteen non-tenure track, has been hired for the 1999-2000 academic year. The cohort includes fifteen professors in Behavioral and Social Science, nine in Communication and Education, two in Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology, sixteen in Humanities and Fine Arts, six in Natural Sciences, two in Information Resources, and new deans in the Colleges of Agriculture and Business.

The new tenure-track faculty started the semester with a day of orientation on August 19, which included a welcome by Provost Scott McNall, information about campus services and programs, talk about surviving one's first year of teaching, and questions about expectations, research time, and campus policies.

Master teachers Claire Farrer, Carol Huston, Jeffrey Livingston, Kate McCarthy, Claudia Rawlins, Stuart Van Auken, and Edward Vela, with the assistance of former master teacher and Presidential Administrative Fellow Brooke Moore, will devote most of their energy to supporting this large group of new teachers. Each will be responsible for a group of new faculty. The smaller groups will provide connection and communication that can ease the transition into a new job and a new university.

Moore shared a humorous, tongue-in-cheek, "Secrets of Successful Teaching" to an eager and receptive audience. Although the entire list of secrets will remain secret, two of the most enlightening are knowing that (1) not everyone who dislikes your field needs counseling; (2) what is self-evident to you can seem obscure, mysterious, and paradoxical to someone else.


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