Redesigned ID Card Has Fresh Look, New Uses

With a new style and added substance, the redesigned California State University, Chico identification card should become a more important piece of plastic for students, faculty and staff.

The newly christened Wildcat Card has more than a fresh logo and look— cardholders will be able to use two magnetic stripes on the back for a variety of purposes on campus, such as cafeteria and bookstore purchases.

For the first time, a guest card will also be available. Visitors to the campus will be able to obtain a card both to make purchases on campus and to keep as a memento of CSU, Chico.

Marc Crosina, a 1998 alumnus, worked with communication design instructor Alan Rellaford in designing the new card for University Services.

The redesigned card features a photo of Kendall Hall, by photographer Jeff Teeter, behind the university name and Wildcat Card logo. Other photos may be used in the future to show different campus scenes and seasons.

Initially, teams of students in a design class worked on the card. Crosina was in the group of students who came up with selected design, and he later refined the design as a graduate.

The first people to have an opportunity to obtain the new card will be new students and guests attending summer orientation. Returning students and other members of the campus community will receive the new cards as needed starting in the fall.

The current ID card has a magnetic stripe that can communicate information from a card to a central database to authorize purchases. The new card, however, will have a second, "cash to card" stripe that can make purchases or perform other functions off-line. In the future, one or both stripes will likely be used not only for transactions, such as buying event tickets or paying parking fines, but also to gain access to certain areas of campus, such as residence halls or computer labs.

For more information about the new card, contact Jana Lawton at University Services at 898-4021. JW

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