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September 9, 2004 Volume 35/Number 1


Gary Bess, Social Work, co-authored “Exploring Managers’ and Administrators’ Retrospective Perceptions of Their MSW Fieldwork Experience: A National Study,” published in Administration in Social Work, Vol. 28, No. 1, 2004. Bess and Jim Meyers, Social Work, published “Mission Impossible? Providing Direction For Your Child Care Agency” in Child Care Information Exchange, March 2004.

Diana Dwyre, Political Science, co-authored “National Parties After BCRA,” published in Life After Reform: When the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act Meets Politics by Rowman and Littlefield in 2003.

Alan Gibson, Political Science, had “Lance Banning’s Interpretation of James Madison: An Appreciation and Critique” published in The Political Science Reviewer, Vol. 32, 2003.

Frank Li, English, and Hongkai Sun, English visiting scholar, will have “Language Contact and Structural Shift: Evidence from Anong and Qiang” published in the Proceedings of the Chicago Linguistic Society conference.

Paul Lopez, Sociology, will have “Barrio Life” and “Civil Rights” published in the Encyclopedia Latina: History, Culture, Society, currently in press with Grolier.

Rick Ostrom, Political Science, published “Indonesia Honors a Political Cartoonist with a Postage Stamp” in Popular Culture Review and “The Changed Function of Political Cartoonists in Indonesia: From Challenging a Repressive Regime to Promoting Democratic Reforms” in the International Journal of Comic Art (2004).

Diane Schmidt, Political Science, had the third edition of Writing in Political Science: A Practical Guide published by Pearson Longman in 2004. She also had “Political Influence and Policy Variation: Understanding the Politics of Field Administration” published in Administration and Society, Vol. 35, No. 3, 2003.

Robert Stanley, Political Science, authored essays on the 19th-century lawyers Joseph H. Choate and William D. Guthrie in The Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law, to be published by Yale University Press in 2005.

Lori Weber, Political Science, and graduate student Sean Murray co-authored “Interactivity, Equality, and the Prospects for Electronic Democracy: A Review,” to be published in The Prospects for Electronic Democracy: A Multidisciplinary Approach by Routledge Press in 2004.

Awards and Activities

Joe Crotts, Library Access Services, and Rich Soares, Library Reference, hosted the spring conference of the Western Association of Map Libraries at CSU, Chico in April/May.

Alan Gibson, Political Science, presented “Whatever Happened to the Economic Interpretation of the Constitution?: An Assessment of the Contributions and Limitations of Empirical Analysis” at the Midwest Political Science Association meeting in April.

Jim Jacob, Political Science, received two teaching awards: a university award for exemplary online teaching for his course in international relations.

Bill Lerch, Office of Experiential Education, received an award for the office’s accomplishments and contributions to the community from Soroptimist International of Chico in May. Lerch and the Experiential Education staff helped alumna Cynthia Kennedy raise funds to operate Namaste House, an orphanage she started in Pokhara, Nepal.

Paul Lopez, Sociology, presented “El Programa de Braceros: Relatos Reales desde Allá” at the conference Los Programa de Braceros: Lecciones del Pasado para el Presente y el Futuro at the Centro de Investigaciones sobre America del Norte, Universidad Nacional Automoma de Mexico, in Mexico City, Mexico, in May.

Tom Patton, Art and Art History, had photographs from his series Icons and Artifacts included in a group exhibition at the Masur Museum of Art in Monroe, Louisiana, and the one-person show of his work concluded at the College of the Siskiyous in Weed in April. Olive Loaf from the series was acquired by the Crocker Museum of Art in Sacramento for its permanent collection.

Paul Persons, Political Science, spoke about the Patriot Act to the Butte County Bar Association, and participated in a roundtable on private jails at the American Association of Criminologists conference in Denver.

Diane Schmidt, Political Science, presented “Regional Variation in the NLRB Disposition of Cases” at the Industrial Relations Research Association conference in San Diego in January 2004.

Jean Schuldberg and Lorie Cavanaugh, Social Work, with students Gabriel Aguilar, Jessica Cammack, Timmie Diaz, and Noble Flourney Jr. presented “Fear of the Blank Page: Teaching Academic and Professional Writing in Social Work” at the meeting of the Council on Social Work Education in Anaheim in February 2004.

Catherine Sullivan, Janet Turner Print Museum, was a panelist for “Board Rejuvenation” at the national conference of the Association of American Museums in New Orleans in May.

Charles Turner, Political Science, chaired a panel “Topics in Teaching and Scholarship” at the Western Political Science Association annual meeting in Portland, Oregon, in March. He is also vice chair of the City of Chico’s Human Resources Commission.

Lori Weber and Sharon Barrios, Political Science, presented “A New Kind of Political Science Course Experience: Creating and Editing a Student Journal of Politics” at the annual conference of the American Political Science Association in Philadelphia.Weber is also an investigator with a National Science Foundation grant through the Social and Economic Implications of Technology Program on “Creating and Testing a High Telepresence Virtual Agora for Broad Political Participation: A Multitrait, Multimethod Investigation.”



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