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September 9, 2004 Volume 35/Number 1

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Professor Patton Graduates
After 35 years of teaching, College of Agriculture professor Westley “Doc” Patton feels he has earned enough units to graduate and has announced his retirement. A retirement party will be held on Sept. 18, 6 p.m. at the University Farm pavilion.

Brought up on a sheep ranch in Northern California, he came to California State University, Chico in 1963 as a transfer student from Coalinga College.

“After graduating from Chico, I went to Oregon State, where I finished graduate school and met my wife, Jane. We returned to Chico in the fall of 1969, and I have been attending class ever since. I am looking forward to graduation,” Patton said.

“His teaching never stops. Even while walking through a field he is educating us,” Brian Miller, a senior animal science minor, said.

College of Agriculture professor and Patton’s former student Dave Daley said, “The lifelong learning attitude, the caring nature, and his willingness to work with everyone is unparalleled.”

“Patton is a tinkerer. He can create just about anything from scratch with a little scrap metal and a bit of welding. I don’t think there is much Patton can’t do,” Professor Patrick Doyle said.

Patton credits his students and colleagues with keeping him energized. “The energy I receive from the students, the close working relationships I have with faculty and staff, and the tremendous connection we have with the industry has given me the greatest place I could imagine to work my whole academic career,” Patton said.

Patton will continue to support the College of Agriculture when the program needs him. He is teaching a research class this semester and will carry out a sheep research project for two more years at the University Farm.

Patton and his wife plan to carry out their passion for farming on their recently purchased ranch in Orland. He is going to do some hunting and fishing,hobbies that have been on hold. He is also looking forward to spending time with his family, especially the new addition, grandson Nathan Westley. Son, Kevin, who graduated from the College of Ag and now teaches at the University of Northern Colorado. Another son, Matt teaches at Elk Grove High School.

“The College of Agriculture will forever be changed because of Wes Patton’s dedication to the program, and he will remain an inspiration to many,” said Dean Charlie Crabb.

—K.T. Martin, public relations intern, College of Agriculture



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