A Publication for the faculty, staff, administrators and friends of California State University, Chico
September 9, 2004 Volume 35/Number 1

Inside Stories

On May 2, 2004, 25 new retirees gathered at a reception sponsored by the President's Office. There were a total of 62 California State University, Chico employees who retired by May. We join President Zingg in thanking them for their many years of service to CSU, Chico, for their collegiality, and for their friendship.

Top photo, left to right
: George Troughton, Yoshio Kusaba, Nasim Jawed, Connie Cox, Ernest Carpenter, Maudell Grant, and Ed Masterson.
Middle photo, back row: Paul Spear, Lou Kelly, Marv Megibow, Ruth Cooper, and Steven King.
Middle photo, front row: Louise Logue, Madeline Keaveney, Manisha Vichare, and Eleanor Bradbury.

Bottom photo, back row:
Paul Spear, Lou Kelly, Marv Megibow, Ruth Cooper, and Steven King.
Front row: Louise Logue, Madeline Keaveney, Manisha Vichare, and Eleanor Bradbury.

Retirees not pictured:

Michael Abruzzo- Biological Sciences, Natural Sciences
Raymond Barnett- Biological Sciences, Natural Sciences
Robert Blackmon- Communication Arts and Sciences, Communication and Education
Eleanor Bradbury- Student Health Services, VPSA
Carole Brown- Education, Communication and Education
Kenneth J. Bruder- Philosophy, Humanities and Fine Arts
Frank Burk- Mathematics and Statistics, Natural Sciences
Jack Burleson- Facilities Management Services, VPBF
Ruth Cooper- Academic Affairs Graduate School
Connie Cox- Academic Publications/Facilities/Data, VPAA
Kristyna Demaree- Foreign Languages and Literatures, HFA
Armeda Ferrini- Health and Community Service, BSS
Audrie Fox- Student Health Services, VPSA
Helen Gesick- Computer Science, ECT
Jane Greene- Electrical and Computer Engineering, ECT
Andrew Hanson- Education, Communication and Education
Dianne M. Hofius- Human Resources, VPAA
Barney Hope- Economics, BSS
Henricus Jansen- Agriculture, Agriculture
James Karman- Religious Studies, HFA
Lou Kelly- Procurement Services, VPBF
Myrna King- Communication and Education, VPAA
Gregory Lavin- VPAA
Floyd Linville- Facilities Management Services, VPBF
Bill McGinnis- Business and Finance, VPBF
Leilani McManus- School of Nursing, Natural Sciences
Jim McManus- Art and Art History, HFA
Richard Meade- Computing Services, VPAA
Marvin Megibow- Psychology, BSS
Maurice Mow- Civil Engineering, ECT
Gregory Naber- Mathematics and Statistics, Natural Sciences
Joyce Norman- Psychology, BSS
Cara Nunez- Political Science, BSS
Thomas O'Brien- School of Social Work, BSS
Barbara Paquin- Chemistry, Natural Sciences
Robert Patton- Facilities Management and Services, VPBF
Roberta Patton- Academic Advising, VPAA
Sharon Schacht- University Development and Advancement, VPUA
Annette Schmidt- Economics, BSS
Michael Simmons- Art and Art History, HFA
Hassan Sisay- History, HFA
Sharon Smith- Art and Art History, Humanities and Fine Arts
LaRee Smith- Student Judicial Affairs, VPSA
Paul Spear- Psychology, BSS
Christian Todenhagen- English, HFA
George Troughton- Finance and Marketing, Business
Manisha Vichare- Student Health Services, VPSA
Trudy Waldroop- Anthropology, BSS
John Walker- Facilities Management Services, VPBF
Henry Wallace- Agriculture, Agriculture
Sue Ward- University Housing and Food Service, VPSA
Ray Watkins- University Farm, Agriculture
Randy Wonzong- Theatre Arts, HFA
John C. Young- Physics, Natural Sciences




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