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Nov. 5, 2009 Volume 40 / Number 2


High Altitude Wind Power Conference

The first High Altitude Wind Power (HAWP) conference will be held in both Chico and Oroville today, Nov. 5, and tomorrow, Nov. 6. The conference, sponsored by CSU, Chico; the BayTEC Alliance; and the Cleantech Innovation Center in Oroville, is the first of its kind, dedicated specifically to addressing the challenges faced in the young high altitude wind power industry.

“We are delighted and excited by the successful launch of this first annual conference,” said Cristina Archer, chair of the conference. “The emerging high altitude wind power industry needed a center of gravity, and we are pleased that the first global conference is anchored here in Northern California.”

Archer is a preeminent expert on high atmosphere power generation and an assistant professor of energy, meteorology, and environmental science in the Department of Geological Sciences at CSU, Chico.

According to Archer, the conference will allow participants to engage in a variety of discussions on the latest innovations, developments, and specifications in high altitude wind power generation and distribution. Attendees can immerse themselves in two full days of discussions, presentations, and case studies from local, national, and international speakers.

Speakers at the two-day event include Archer; Dr. Ken Caldeira, climate scientist at the Carnegie Institution at Stanford University; Dr. Saul Griffith, co-founder of Makani Power, Squid Labs and Potenco; Anthony J. Asterita, a founder of Magenn Power and a renowned expert in advanced lighter-than-air applications; JoeBen Bevirt, founder of Joby Energy; Pierre Rivard, president and CEO of Magenn Power; Len Shepard, CEO of Sky WindPower; and Robert Creighton, CEO of WindLift.

The conference is open to anyone interested in new developments in airborne wind capture devices and alternative energy. For more information, visit the Web site at www.hawpconference.com.