News Release Guide

Sending a News Release Through Public Affairs

Public Affairs and Publications publicizes a number of campus events, programs, and activities by writing and sending news releases. However, our staff size prevents us from covering many newsworthy items, so we encourage other departments to work with us to share important and exciting news from their area.

To publicize your event or program through Public Affairs, please do the following:

  • Compose a news release using our step-by-step guide (pdf). Follow each step carefully to ensure the necessary information is included.
  • Send your completed release to Public Affairs Coordinator Sarah Langford for proofing and/or editing. You may be contacted with queries or requests for more information.
  • Submit news releases on upcoming events at least two weeks in advance. News releases on program achievements may be submitted up to a month following the achievement.

Once Public Affairs has edited your release, we will post it to the University’s news page, distribute it to the appropriate media outlets, and include it in Campus Announcements.

If you are unsure whether you should write a release, please check with Sarah prior to drafting one.

For questions or concerns, contact Public Affairs and Publications at 898-4143.

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a News Release (pdf)

NOTE: If the release is about an upcoming event, include information about accessibility and a statement of accommodation, e.g., "If you require an accommodation to participate in this event or have questions about accessibility, please contact [event sponsor]."