Photo Policy

Requests to take photos

(Applies to videotape and film as well as still photography)

CSU, Chico allows people to take photographs on campus as long as it does not disrupt the academic environment. Any individual or organization other than the working media that plans to take pictures for broadcast or public use must contact Public Affairs and Publications, 530-898-4143.

Any person wishing to take photographs of the campus with the purpose of using them in any form for commercial gain should first contact Public Affairs and Publications or the Office of the President, 530-898-5201.

Requests for copies of existing photos

The university has digital images available that can be shared. Contact the Public Affairs and Publications Office, 530-898-4143.

Requests for use of student ID photos

Student ID photos are used only for student (Wildcat Card) ID cards unless the student gives permission to release the photo for a secondary use. When a request for the photo is made by someone other than the student, the student is contacted. If he or she approves releasing the photo, a digital file of the photo is made available to the requesting party.

The Wildcat Card Office must receive proof of authorization prior to releasing a photo. When a student dies, his or her Wildcat Card photo is maintained for six months, and then removed from the database. If a request for a deceased student's photo is made within the six-month period, an attempt to contact the immediate family of the student will be made. All requests made to the Wildcat Card Office will be referred to the Office of Public Affairs and Publications. If the family approves the release of the photo, the digital file of the photo will be released to the requesting party. Questions about Wildcat Card photos should be directed to the Wildcat Card Office, 530-898-6119.

Requests for photos to be taken

Student Photography Services has staff photographers who will take portraits of graduating students and college deans, individual recipients of master's commencement ceremonies, organization group photos, formal posed photos of award or ceremony recipients, and special social events. There is a charge for all services provided by this office. To request an estimate, please call Sean Chen, 530-898-6498 or e-mail at

Altering photographs—a caution

Be extremely careful about altering a photograph with a photo editing software program. Any alterations that affect the accuracy of the persons, places, or events depicted in the photo should be avoided. If you have any questions about the appropriateness of a change, contact Public Affairs and Publications at 530-898-4143.