University Publication Guide

Glossary of Social Media Terms

(FB) = Facebook      (T) = Twitter     (WP) = Wordpress (blog)

brand ambassador – A “happy customer” who voluntarily shares his or her positive experiences with a brand with his/her social media (or real life) following – ultimately elevating the positive reputation of a brand (e.g., Someone who had a great “Chico Experience” will tell her friends about it and encourage them to attend CSU, Chico so they can have a great experience, too.)

comment (FB, WP) – reply to a posting expressing an affirmation, question, disagreement, etc. with the posted content; indicates thoughtful user engagement

followers (T) – users who subscribe (“follow”) your tweets (similar to FB “page likes”)

Insights (FB) – FB’s built-in analytics tool used to track page activity and user demographics

interaction (FB, T, WP) – direct engagement by the users/followers/readers and your posted content; passive interactions include “likes” (FB) or re-tweets (T), which direct interactions include comments (FB), @mentions (T) where users produce their own content (typically a reply) based on your postings

like (FB) – users “like” posts they find interesting or engaging by clicking the “Like” button below each post; indicates some user engagement (but not enough to leave a comment)

@mention (aka @reply) (T) – When used at the beginning of a tweet, @mentions (using “@” + username) function as a direct (public) reply to a specific user; used anywhere else in the body of a tweet, the @mention tags the mentioned username so that all of the sender’s followers can see and click on the mentioned user (similar to FB “mention”)

mention (FB) – Mentions are used to tag friends or pages in your FB status or other posts (using “@” + name); if your page is mentioned by a user, it will appear on your page, as well as the newsfeed of all of the user’s friends (similar to T “@mention”)

News Feed (FB) – aggregation of posts from “friends” or pages you like (similar to T “timeline”)

page like (FB) – users subscribe to your posts by “liking” your page, so the total number of page likes represents your following on FB (similar to T “followers”)

post (FB, WP) – any content, photo, status update, link, etc. you publish on your social media site (similar to T “tweet”)

retweet (T) – sharing another user’s post with all of your followers

subscribers (WP) – readers can choose to subscribe to your WP blog and receive updates (new posts) via e-mail

timeline (T) – aggregation of tweets from all the users you follow (similar to FB “News Feed”)

Timeline (FB) a format for pages and profiles on FB introduced in early 2012 that lists a user's FB activity (posts, shares, photos, etc.) chronologically, and can even include offline events ("milestones") from birth or the founding of an organization to today

tweet (T) – any content, photo, status update, link, etc. you publish on Twitter (similar to FB, WP “post”)

unique page views – the number of visits during which a page is viewed at least once, but does not count repeated views of the same page by the same user