Collaborative Design-Build Services - SSKU04

Collaborative Design-Build Services for the Siskiyou II Science Replacement Building
(Public Works Construction)

Request for Qualifications - RFQ2017-01MM

Published February 9, 2017

This Request for Qualifications has also been posted in:
CSU Public Solicitation Portal, through PlanetBids (Keyword: RFQ2017-01MM)
California State Contracts Register, through Cal-eProcure (Event ID: 4378)

This is Part 1 of the selection process. See Part 2 for the Request for Proposal and final results.

Bid Info
Advertisement RFQ2017-01MM-AD.pdf
Request for Qualifications RFQ2017-01MM.pdf

Addenda / Announcements

Please check this website often for possible addenda or announcements.

Addenda / Announcements
2/13/17 - Addendum #1 RFQ2017-01MM-A1.pdf
2/16/17 - Addendum #2 RFQ2017-01MM-A2.pdf
2/23/17 - Site Conference Sign-in Sheet RFQ2017-01MM-Signin.pdf
2/23/17 - Site Conference Presentation RFQ2017-01MM-Slideshow.pdf
3/7/17 - Shortlist RFQ2017-01MM-shortlist.pdf