How to Start a New Club

All clubs must be administered and recognized through the Student Life & Leadership office on campus (BMU 220). However, those that are primarily sport or movement based, use athletic facilities almost exclusively, and/or are typically sponsored by collegiate club programs at other institutions are good candidates to seek additional recognition in the Recreational Sports Sport Club Program.

To become a recognized Sport Club, do the following:

  1. Become a Recognized Student Organization: get recognition through the Student Life & Leadership office (BMU 220) and maintain a recognized club for one full academic year before you may apply for Sport Club recognition.
  2. Download the Sport Club Handbook: download and review this document. If you are invited to interview for formal acceptance as a new Sport Club, you will want to be familiar with policies and procedures related to Sport Clubs.
  3. Meet with the Sport Club Coordinator: Competitive clubs (those that compete against other schools as a primary activity) should meet with Kendall Ross to discuss the recognition process. Contact info can be found on the "Contact Us" page.