How to Start a New Club

All clubs must be administered and recognized through the Student Life & Leadership office on campus (BMU 220). However, those that are primarily sport or movement based, use athletic facilities almost exclusively, and/or are typically sponsored by collegiate club programs at other institutions are good candidates to seek additional recognition in the Recreational Sports - Sport Club Program.

Procedures for a new Competitive Sport Club:

  1. Be recognized through the Student Life & Leadership office, as a general student organization, for at least one full year. Must demonstrate positive membership, adhere to all department and University policies, and be in good standing with the Student Life office.
  2. Schedule a meeting with the Sport Club Coordinator to discuss plans for a new sport club, discuss student interest, and receive information about the competitive sport club program at Chico State.
  3. Apply at the end of the spring semester to be considered for the following academic year.
  4. Minimum criteria for a new recognized Sport Club:
    1. This activity (or a similar club) is not currently offered on campus
    2. The activity can be covered by the CSU medical insurance policy
    3. There are adequate facilities to meet the needs of the new sport club
    4. The club can operate without University funding for the first year of recognition
    5. Available competition exists within a reasonable demographic range
    6. Demonstration that the Sport Club is active in the form of continually holding practices, competitions, and meetings
    7. The new sport club has a knowledgeable coach who will adhere to the guidelines set forth by the department and University
    8. Expense to run the club is not greater than the support of the participants

An application to form a new sport club may be denied based on the following:

  • insufficient number of students willing to participate in the new sport club
  • lack of facilities on or off campus
  • expense to run the club is greater than the support of the participants
  • inability to be covered via the CSU medical insurance
  • lack of knwoledgeable coach

Important Information:

  1. A maximum of 19 competitive clubs will be recognized by Recreational Sports on an annual basis. Only when the number of clubs falls below the maximum will new membership be considered for a club that has been active for a least one year as a student organization, fits the above minimum criteria, and has applied in at the end of the spring semester.
  2. Current clubs and new applicants are reviewed at the end of every spring semester. If there is a waitlist of clubs; those who have submitted an application, and meet the above minimum criteria, will be considered first.
  3. First year sport clubs are in the Sport Club program for a tentative/conditional period of one year before an official review is conducted by the Sport Club Executive Board for permanent status. If inducted, a new sport club will receive a maximum of $500 for program use after being official recognized and no longer conditional.