Are You Ready for ResNet?

IT Support Services is your resource for getting assistance with campus computer systems.

In addition to ResNet, we support access to the campus Portal, the central computer labs, your Wildcat Mail account and online course content.

If you have trouble with any of these campus systems, IT Support Services is here to help. Call us at (530) 898-HELP (4357). We are here to answer your questions and walk you through technical problems.

You can even call us before you get to Chico!

What is ResNet?

ResNet is Chico State's high-speed computer network in the residence halls. Every room in the residence halls has wireless internet access.

Your connection to ResNet allows you full access to the Internet and online campus resources. You can use this connection to do research, access course materials, browse the web, use instant messaging and play computer games.

Access to ResNet is included as part of your housing contract, so there are no added fees. You also have access to the IT Support Service Desk for technical support and scheduling in-room appointments with ResNet technicians. The Service Desk can be reached at (530) 898-HELP (4357).

Please take time to read through this guide and familiarize yourself with the requirements of ResNet. Please pay close attention to the steps in the section entitled Before You Come to Chico.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or (530) 898-HELP.  We also have a Knowledge Base available at

Wireless Internet Access

Every resident gets free wireless access throughout each of the residence halls. Wireless is also available in most areas on campus.

Technical support for the campus wireless service is handled through IT Support Services, which can be reached at (530) 898-HELP (4357). You can also get help at the ResNet Setup Fair.

Personal Wireless Routers

Personal wireless routers and access points, like the ones available at most electronics retailers, are not allowed in the on-campus residence halls. They are a security risk and can cause network problems. If a personal wireless access point is discovered in the residence halls, it may be blocked from accessing the network.


Below is the minimum recommended configuration for student-owned computers and the list of currently supported operating systems. Computers that fall below the recommended configuration may still work with ResNet. However, technical support for those systems is not guaranteed.

Minimum Recommended Configuration

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or Mac OS X (v10.5 or newer)

Processor Speed: 2.0GHz (PC/Mac)


Hard Disk: 40 GB (80 GB or greater encouraged)

Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Base-T Adapter

Wireless: 802.11b/g/n

Note: Typically, any computer purchased in the last three years will meet these requirements

Operating System Support Guide


     Windows 8: All versions are fully supported by ResNet

     Windows 7: All versions are fully supported by ResNet

     Windows Vista: All versions are fully supported by ResNet

     Windows XP: All versions are fully supported by ResNet

     Windows 95/98/ME/2000: ResNet does not support these operating systems.


     Mac OS X (10.5 or newer): Fully supported by ResNet

     Mac OS 8.x/9.x: ResNet does not support these versions.


The ResNet network is compatible with most modern distributions of this operating system. However, IT Support Services will not provide any direct support for ResNet issues on Linux. Technicians can provide basic network information for getting Linux computers online.

Gaming Consoles

In order to set up your console on the network, you will need to give your console's Hardware Address (also referred to as a MAC address) to the ResNet staff. You can do this by visiting the ResNet Setup Fair, or by emailing your hardware address to when you move in.

Note: Depending on your game console, you may need to purchase a separate network adapter.

Before You Come to Chico

Chico State must keep its computer networks safe, clean and usable for everyone on campus. This means that every computer needs to be protected from potential threats on the Internet. We also want to make sure you are able to get online and ready for classes as soon as possible. You can help us help you by following these simple steps - BEFORE you come to Chico.

  1. Install all Critical/High-Priority updates and patches for your computer.
  2. Set future updates to install automatically (Windows only)
    1. Start Menu -> Control Panel
    2. Windows Updates (or Automatic Updates on Windows XP)
    3. Set to "Download and Install Automatically" at the time of your choice.
  3. Make sure you have updated Anti-Virus software. (Windows only)
    • Any reputable Anti-Virus product is acceptable
    • ResNet recommends Microsoft Security Essentials. Microsoft provides this software for free to Windows users and can be downloaded at
    • Make sure you only have one Anti-Virus product on your computer! Multiple products will work against each other and severely impact your computer's performance.
  4. Make sure your computer has Wireless capability.
    Wireless access is available exclusively in all of the residence halls.  In order to connect your computer to the network, your computer will need a wireless adapter. A built-in, USB or add-in wireless card will work.

When You Arrive

When you check-in to your residence hall, you will be given a ResNet setup package containing instructions and other materials. Follow the instructions to set up your computer and register it on the network.

Anti-Virus Software

ResNet recommends Microsoft Security Essentials. If you have another Anti-Virus product, such as Norton Anti-Virus or TrendMico PC-cillin, you will need to ensure that the software and definitions remain up-to-date or you will be unable to access the network. Instructions for downloading and installing Microsoft Security Essentials are available from Microsoft at

Make sure you only have one Anti-Virus product on your computer! Multiple products will work against each other and severely impact your computer's performance.

If you are unable to get online after following the instructions, or you need help installing Microsoft Security Essentials, don't worry! You can stop by the 2012 ResNet Setup Fair.

ResNet technicians will be available for help August 20-23 12:00-5:00 PM in the following locations:

  • Whitney Hall Lounge
  • UV North Community Room
  • Mechoopda Lounge

A technician will be dispatched to your room and will be able to help you connect your computer to the network, install updates or other required software, and answer any questions you may have.

Getting Computer Help after the Setup Fair

After the fair is over, you can call IT Support Services at (530) 898-HELP (4357) to set up an appointment with a ResNet technician. However, you should do your best to set up your computer as early as possible so you can get help during the Setup Fair if you run into problems. The IT Support Service Desk is very busy during the first two weeks of the semester, which means a two to three day wait for a technician to visit your room. The Setup Fair is your best bet to make you are up and running before classes start.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get online?

  • Make sure your wireless is turned on and select the csuchico-resnet network.
  • Start a web browser and navigate to any website. You should be redirected to the ResNet authentication web page.
  • Enter your CSU, Chico username and password.
  • You are now able to access the wireless network!

What is my password?

  • Your username and password for accessing ResNet is the same used to access CSU, Chico's online Portal and email.

How do I connect my WiFi printer?

  • Due to security concerns wireless printers are not allowed on ResNet. Please use a USB cable to connect your printer.

How do I connect my game console?

  • To connect a game console to ResNet ITSS must be given the unique identifier for the console known as the MAC address.
  • How to find the MAC address for PS3:
    • Go to Settings, then System Settings. Select System Information.
  • How to find the MAC address for Xbox 360:
    • For Xbox 360 with built in WiFi: Go to System, then Network Settings. Select Edit Settings, then Additional Settings, then Advanced Settings, then Wireless Information.
    • For Xbox 360 with external adapter: the MAC address will be located on teh back of the adapter.
  • How to find the MAC address for Wii:
    • Go to Wii Options, then Wii Settings. Select Internet, then Console Information.

Can I fileshare on ResNet?