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Academic Affairs
Office of Research & Sponsored Programs


RSG Objectives:

The RSG Program, funded through the Division of Academic Affairs, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RESP), provides support to stimulate research project development and preliminary data generation, with the objective to enhance faculty competitiveness for extramural research funding.

Cutting-edge, successful faculty research* programs comprise an essential foundation of universities.  Research generates new knowledge, ideas, and technologies that drive the future of society and humanity.  Students engaged in research build upon their discipline-specific and critical thinking skills, preparing them for success in careers and graduate or professional studies.  The RSG Program aims to bolster successful faculty research programs at CSU Chico that strengthen the university’s value to society and contribute to its mission, including to provide outstanding educational and training opportunities for its students. 

[*The term, “Research”, as used herein, refers to any disciplinary, scholarly works that generates original products to be disseminated to stakeholder groups, peer-reviewed publications, or other media. Disciplinary fields are fully open and expected to span from the arts and humanities to behavioral and natural sciences to engineering and business.]

Award Features and Requirements:

Awards ranging from $5000-$10,000 will provide support for project development and generation of preliminary data (or works), with the requirement that a competitive extramural research grant proposal is submitted, and that student participation and training are meaningfully integrated into the research plan.  This proposal must be submitted within 1 year of the RSG award date; compliance to this commitment is required for consideration for any subsequent RSG awards.  R03 Bargaining Unit faculty are eligible to apply; single-investigator as well as collaborative proposals will be accepted.  Recipients of any prior internal grant(s) are eligible to apply; however they must have completed the required final report(s) by the respective deadline(s) in order to be considered for the RSG program.

 Allowable costs include the following (pending approval of the Budget Justification):

  • research-related expenses (supplies, small equipment, reagents, services, etc.)
  • research-related travel
  • faculty assigned time for research (1-4 teaching units at the CSU replacement rate)
  • faculty additional employment
  • wages for students or technicians contributing directly to the research

 Funds may not be used to employ faculty from other institutions.

Proposal Review and Criteria:

The applications will be evaluated by the Faculty Recognition and Support (FRAS) Committee ( approved through the Academic Senate.  FRAS includes equal representation across all colleges.  Proposals will be reviewed by a primary reviewer (as close as possible to subject area) and a secondary reviewer, who will then discuss the proposals at the RSG review panel meeting (following federal agency procedures for proposal review panels).

Review criteria include:

     Significance and novelty of the research: 15 points
     Quality of research plan and methodology: 20 points
     Record of PI and any collaborators, likelihood of completion of aims: 15 points
     External funding plan and potential for funding success: 25 points
     Student integration into the work and mentoring: 15 points
     Budget plan and budget justification: 10 points
100 points total

Proposal Due Date:

                          Monday October 19, 2015, by 5:00 pm Pacific Time 

Proposal Preparation and Submission:

Download the RSG Program Application at, follow directions provided in the application form, and submit by email to