Prohibited ConductProhibited Conduct

Listed below are examples of inappropriate conduct or infractions of work rules that are prohibited and will not be tolerated.  It is not intended as a comprehensive listing:  other types of conduct deemed injurious to security, personal safety, employee welfare, and the Foundation's operations will also be prohibited.  Such misconduct can result in disciplinary action that may include immediate discharge without warning.  Interpretations as to the appropriateness of employee behavior and disciplinary action are at the sole discretion and judgment of the Foundation.  Supervisors are advised to first consult the Foundation Human Resources Director or Executive Director prior to taking any corrective action against an employee.

Obtaining employment based on false or misleading information;

Falsifying information in, or making material omissions in, any documents or records;

Engaging in criminal conduct, whether or not related to job performance;

Misusing funds, or other forms of dishonesty;

Stealing or damaging Foundation or University property, or the property of another employee or visitor;

Removing or borrowing Foundation property without prior authorization, or other unauthorized use of Foundation time, materials or facilities;

Acting in any manner that might endanger the safety or lives of others or Foundation security;

Illegal possession of firearms or weapons on Foundation or University premises;

Fighting on Foundation or University premises;

Being under the influence of, or possessing intoxicants or unlawful drugs while on the job;

Discriminating in a manner prohibited by law or Foundation policy;

Unlawful harassment, including behavior or language offensive to other employees;

Disclosing confidential information to unauthorized persons;

Disregard for Foundation policies or procedures or other insubordination;

Inappropriate or unprofessional conduct while working or while representing the Foundation;

Unsatisfactory or marginal performance, as defined by the supervisor;

Failure to observe working schedules or assigned overtime;

Excessive absenteeism or lateness;

Failing to report injuries, no matter how slight;

Failure to provide a physician's certificate when requested to do so;

Working overtime without authorization;

Behavior that is offensive to other employees;

Violation of any employer policy, including policies described in this manual, as revised from time to time.

It should be remembered that employment with the Foundation is terminable at-will.  Accordingly, either the employer or the employee may terminate the employment relationship at-will, with or without cause or advance notice.  The Foundation retains the right to administer and modify all terms and conditions of employment, including the right to impose discipline of whatever type and for whatever reasons the employer, at its sole discretion, determines to be appropriate.