Rest Periods

An eight-hour shift includes two paid rest periods not to exceed fifteen minutes each.  Rest periods will be awarded on the basis of the total number of hours worked daily, at the rate of one fifteen minute break period for each four hours (or major fraction thereof) worked.  Rest periods need not be provided for employees whose total daily work time is less than three and one-half hours.

Supervisors are responsible for scheduling appropriate times for rest periods to ensure the efficient operation of the unit.  Rest periods are not to be taken during the first or last hour of the shift or during the hours preceding or following the lunch period, but should be taken as nearly as practical to the midpoint of each work period.  Rest periods are required.


Meal Periods

Employees working more than five hours will take a meal period (lunch break), normally of one hour but not less than thirty minutes.  However, if an employee completes his/her workday in less than six hours, the meal period may be waived by mutual consent of the employee and the supervisor.  Such "off duty" meal periods are in addition to (not included in) the employee's scheduled working hours and are unpaid time.  Employees may leave the premises during the lunch period.  As with rest periods, the scheduling of meal periods is at the discretion of the supervisor.  For employees working a day in excess of 6 hours, a meal period may not be waived.  Employees working over a 10-hour day are entitled to a second meal period of no less than thirty minutes.  This second meal period may be waived as long as the total hours worked do not exceed 12.