The recreation department currently has priority scheduling in four campus classrooms (YOLO 171 and 178, and Tehama 121 and 133) and four computer labs (YOLO 224 and 234, and Tehama 116 and 132B).  We teach between 48 and 52 course sections each semester. 

The Yolo Hall facility is new. The classrooms we utilize in it are considered "smart classrooms" which means they are equipped with computers, LCD projectors, VCRs, DVD's with easy access to Internet resources, overhead projectors, and so on. Tehama 121 is also a "smart classroom." All rooms have white (dry-erase) boards.

While more space would always be welcome and desirable, the department's physical environment is the best it has ever been. The academic computing labs that we have assembled are a great asset to faculty and students.