Parks and Natural Resource Management

The primary concern of the Parks and Natural Resources Management Option (“Parks Option”) is to enhance the provision of natural resource recreation experiences through professional preparation, general education, scholarly activities, and community service.

The Parks Option is ideal for inquisitive, dynamic, and dedicated students who are flexible enough to work with people and natural resources in a variety of settings. These students should be interested in learning to plan, program, manage, interpret, and maintain natural and cultural resources and programs to serve recreationist’s needs in the great outdoors.

The Parks Option is a pre-professional education program. It primarily offers undergraduate students opportunities to complete a degree program that prepares them for careers in (1) environmental interpretation/education, (2) human dimensions in parks management, (3) outdoor leadership, and (4) parks and facilities management/maintenance.

Agencies that hire graduates of the Parks Option include local, county, special district, state, and federal agencies as well as for-profit companies and non-profit organizations that have park, recreation, and natural resource management programs.