This page provides a list of scholarships available to Recreation Majors. Typically, each of these is awarded on a yearly basis. Although there is some variation in due dates, nearly all are due at the beginning of the spring semester.

If I want to apply for one of these scholarships, what do I do?

  • CSU, Chico scholarship applications are now available online. This single online application allows you to apply for any of the more than 700 university scholarships for which you may be eligible. Scholarship criteria may include scholastic achievement, financial need, campus or community service, and educational objectives, as well as other measures. Click the link above to get to the online application page.
  • Apply now before the end-of-semester rush. Be sure to allow faculty adequate time for a letter of recommendation. All application materials must be submitted by the January 1, deadline. To be considered for need-based scholarships, you must also file a FAFSA or renewal FAFSA by the March deadline. Scholarship website or send e-mail to

What if I am Interested in a CPRS or NRPA Scholarship?

Check their website to see scholarship timelines and application forms.

Recreation Department Scholarships

Note: all= all class levels; f= freshman; s= sophomore; j= junior; sr= senior; g= grad student; RE= re-entry; ETH= ethnic minorities only. Scholarships without the ETH notation are open to all students regardless of ethnicity. Scholarships with the RE notation in bold are for "re-entry students only" or "re-entry students are preferred".

California Parks and Recreation Society Scholarships (CPRS)

CPRS (Now CFPR) Scholarships (all re-entry only)

There are a number of CPRS scholarships available to both undergraduate and graduate students. CPRS scholarship availability is announced regularly through the department scholarship coordinator, Dr. Ed Seagle (Yolo 191). See section for listings.

California Parks and Recreation Society (use to be CPRS) CPRS Scholarship page.

Additional Scholarships From The Recreation Profession

Other Recreation Majors-Only Scholarships

  • Academic and Performance Award from the College of Communication and Education (all, RE, ETH)
  • John E. Conner Recreation Scholarship (j, sr, RE)
  • Scott Douglas Schindler Memorial Scholarship(sr, RE)

University-Wide Scholarships

  • American Association of University Women (Paradise Branch) (s, j, sr, g, RE)
  • Association of American University Women (AAUW) Willows Branch Re-Entry Student Scholarship (all, RE)
  • Associated Students Government Campus/Community Activities Scholarship (all, RE)
  • Bechtel Foundation Scholarship (all, RE)
  • Bobby Dean Memorial Scholarship (all, RE)
  • California State University, Chico, African American Scholarship (s, j, sr, g, ETH)
  • Chico Breakfast Lions Book Scholarship (f, s, j, sr, RE)
  • Chico Senior Citizens Scholarship(all,RE
  • Chico State Associates Scholarship (all, RE)
  • Dr. Valene McIntyre Soroptimist Fellowship (g, RE)
  • Elizabeth Nielsen Memorial Scholarship (all, RE)
  • Frank E. and Hermine H. Price Scholarship (all, RE)
  • General Douglas MacArthur Trust Grant for International Students (j, sr, g, RE)
  • General Scholarship Fund (all, RE)
  • Glenn Kendall Public Service Award(sr, RE)
  • Harriett Weir Memorial Scholarship(f, s, j, sr, RE)
  • Harry A. and Mary E. Roth Scholarship(s, j, sr, RE)
  • John Kempf and John Kemph, Jr. Memorial Scholarship(all, RE)
  • Lee Richardson Memorial Scholarship(all, RE)
  • Leslie Main Memorial Scholarship (all, RE)
  • Lindo, Hanna and Abbott Insurance Services Outstanding Student Leadership Award (j, sr)
  • Lindo, Hanna and Abbott Insurance Services Scholar/Athlete Award (j, sr, RE)
  • Lotys Sandstrom Gibb Memorial Scholarship(all, RE)
  • Lt. Robert Mertin Rawlins Award(all, RE)
  • Lucian Richardson Scholarship (all, RE)
  • Luella Hopton Madsen Scholarship (f, s, j, sr, RE)
  • Matt March Women's Basketball Scholarship (f, s, j, sr)
  • Moira Bounous Scholarship (all, RE)
  • Oliver Richard Moll Scholarship (all, RE)
  • Patricia Louise Bevins Memorial Scholarship (f, RE)
  • Paul and Evelyn Richmond Scholarship (all, RE)
  • Percival G. Northley Scholarship (all, RE)
  • Phi Chi Theta National Key Award (j, sr, RE)
  • Prime Timers Re-Entry Student Scholarship(f, s, RE)
  • Re-Entry Scholarship (all, RE)
  • Robert M. and Winifred A. Bain American Indian Scholarship (all, RE, ETH)
  • Sterling Rood Memorial Scholarship (pending development)

Scholarship Information

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