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Careers in Recreation:

Recreation is the second-largest industry in the United States. While no university degree automatically ensures employment, Chico graduates who have tailored their programs and work experiences to market opportunities, secure rewarding career positions. We strive to develop and maintain close ties to the profession in order to help our students become leading candidates for jobs upon their graduation.

RHAPS (Recreation Hospitality and Parks Society)

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Mission Statement:

The Recreation, Hospitality, and Parks Society will plan fun and exciting events and conduct meetings in order to create a friendly and inventive environment for students to forge positive relationships with their peers. RHAPS gives recreation students a chance to gain volunteer hours while giving back to the community. RHAPS will endeavor to motivate and inspire students to lead a healthy and active lifestyle while pursuing a professional career in the Recreation Hospitality and Parks field. RHAPS will also be a student resource for the Recreation Department, Staff, and Facility.

RHAPS Purpose:

The purpose of this organization is to support the knowledge and experience gained from the Recreation Administration Major. The group hopes to be supportive to the community by offering identified knowledge to help facilitate fieldwork experience for our members.

Why Participate in RHAPS:

It's a fun and easy way to gain valuable work-experience hours towards the recreation administration major, meet and network with students, teachers, professionals, and get involved with your community. Activities focused around every option in the major allows you to put something positive on your resume.

RHAPS Officers 2013-2014:

Kelly Giannini

Vice President
Seth Williams

Carly Nelson

Harrison McMillen

Marketing & Public Relations
Kelli Keefe

Activities Director
Rachyl Miller

Sports Coordinator
Luke Johnson

Faculty Liaison
Jake Lundin

Events Coordinator
Cody Miller

RHAPS Activities/ Involvement: 

  • Working with Habitat for Humanity
  • Bear Feeds: The Madison Bear Restaurant does many fundraisers with our club to bring business to them but these fundraiser also make it possible for RHAPS to put on better events
  • RHAPS Intramural sports teams
  • Walk through Bidwell Park
  • Take a walk with other RHAPS members and bring a lunch and trash bag to help keep the park clean
  • The Graduate Fundraisers
  • We Skype in professionals in our industry to answer questions and give advice
  • We have guest speakers at meetings: Shirley Adams is the founder of "Bridging The Gap: Every 1 Needs Clean Water", Which sponsors the Walk4Water event held in Chico.
  • Bridging The Gap was founded in 2006, to raise awareness and money for clean water in developing countries. 100% of all funds raised go to the global water projects supported by BTG.
  • RHAPS is working to promote a memorial fundraiser: The "CJ Memorial Fund", for a local family and business, who just lost their son.
  • RHAPS is also raising money for a local home for severely multiply disabled women, home in Richvale, called Cathy's Christian Cottage.

RHAPS Goals this year:

RHAPS wants to get our name out beyond the Recreation Department, give back to the community, while gaining hours towards graduation, and having fun while doing it! We made our slogan this year be "RHAPS IS TAKING OVER", because that is just what we are doing—getting involved in as many aspects of our community as we can, and getting our name out to the Chico State Community, as well as to the locals! 

Photo Gallery

Student's learning about the Rhpm Department

Poster Documenting diffrent activities of the rhpm major. This includes rafting, hiking, and agriculture

Two Rhpm Students pose behind their presentation boothe.

three students learn about rhpm department from two rhpm students.

Four rhpm students pose

Student yelling into megaphone

Students gather at table to learn about rhpm major

A large group of students gather around table for infomation on rhpm major

Rhpm students explaining club to two non-rhpm majors

Students gather around recreational therapy table

Students gather around Commercial Reacreation desk

Students gather around Parks and National Resource Management Table

Students laugh as other student holds cup in mouth

All the tables explianing major and students working

Students selling and purchasing pizza

Two students explaining club while two students listen

RHPM students with flags of their degree option

RHPM students pose with silly face with the flags of their degree option