Resources for International Studies in Education

The Resources for International Studies in Education (RISE) Library provides valuable teaching and learning tools to support students, teacher credential candidates and area classroom teachers in the forms of standards-based curriculum materials, including books, thematic units, audio-visual materials, costumes and artifacts. RISE is a curriculum support program designed to improve international studies and multicultural education in Northeastern California schools.

Featured in the library are 3,000 children's literature books, including versions of the Cinderella story in Korean, African, Cambodian, Egyptian, and Native American settings. Also on display are fascinating artifacts, maps, games, and instruments—from Indonesian masks to Japanese Kimonos to Ethiopian drums. All are available for checkout by teachers and teacher candidates for use in their classrooms and lesson-planning exercises.

Reasons for Inclusion of International Studies in Education: 

  • The U.S. increasingly affects and is affected by events in other parts of the world
  • Issues which were once bi-national or regional are increasingly international
  • Migration, immigration, and international trade have made California acutely aware of its place in the Pacific Rim
  • Cross-cultural understanding in an ethnically diverse California is essential to our future.
  • History, culture, and language are basic skills for an informed citizenship
  • Informed citizens are the strength of a democratic society


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Tours and Workshops

The RISE Library includes a 35-person classroom ideal for groups. Tours and workshops on artifact-based lessons available by appointment. Please contact the Library at for more information or to schedule. 

Library Hours

Thursdays 3:30-5:30pm. To schedule a time to pick items up, please contact 530-898-6421 or email

RISE Library Catalog

To view a current listing of books and other items in the Library, please click here.