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What's New

Grand Opening of the RISE Library

November 15, 2006
Aymer J Hamilton room 124 (behind Bidwell Mansion)

Refreshments Provided

Call 530-89804015 for more information

Introducing our New Director

Maureen Fredrickson spent 37 years as an elementary and junior high English and world history teacher. Among her international experiences are a Fullbright-Hays seminar in China and a professional presentation at a conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

Maureen has developed curriculum and presented workshops for RISE participants, including

  • Teaching about the Middle Ages: Simulated Feudal Society (with Sandy Shepard)
  • The Cowtail Switch: A Teaching Unit for World History (with Nacy)
  • The Sign of the Chrysanthemum: A supplemental teaching unit for 7th Grade History (Japan unit)

Maureen is very current on K-12 curriculum, and regularly serves as university supervisor for both elementary and secondary teacher candidates. Maureen is adept at guiding teachers in the integration of multicultural literature and artifacts into their teaching.


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