Hosting an Event or Activity on Campus

If you are a recognized student organization, you will need to begin by contacting the Student Life and Leadership Office. You may be referred to the Facilities Reservation Office or Recreational Sports, dependent upon the room or location on campus where your proposed event will take place. 

Other groups or departments should begin by contacting the Facilities Reservations Office. You may be referred to the Student Life and Leadership Office or Recreational Sports, dependent upon the room or location on campus where your proposed event will take place. 

 Please note that requests for the use of any location within the WREC or BMU should be directed to the Associated Students Conference Services at 530-898-6411.


The following departments may need to be contacted prior to your event:

 Facilities Management Services                                

  • To arrange for sprinklers to be turned off (for outdoor events on or near grass)
  • To provide any electrical services
  • To provide any additional equipment
  • To provide custodial services  – trash clean up

 Environmental Health & Safety 

  • To issue a Food Permit or provide Safe Food Handling guidelines
  • To assist in securing a permit from the Fire Marshal for the use of a tent (dependent upon size of tent)
  • To review requests for use of candles (for outdoor events only – i.e. candlelight vigils)
  • To review use of any potentially harmful or hazardous materials
  • To assist with any questions related to barbequing outside approved BBQ Locations

 University Police

  • To assist with any parking needs (for larger events)
  • To assist in evaluating the safety and security of various events

 Risk Management

  • To provide insurance requirements for use of any outside vendors
  • To evaluate the risks associated with the proposed activity or activities
  • To issue a release of liability waiver for participants to sign (for events that include activities that present an increased exposure for injury or property damage)

 University Housing and Food Services 

  • To assist in processing any requests to serve alcohol at your event.
  • Please note that the possession, consumption, or transportation of alcoholic beverages on campus or in campus-owned facilities is generally prohibited as a matter of institutional policy. However, it may be permitted on special occasions such as awards ceremonies, receptions, periodic fund-raisers for campus programs, or as approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs

 Accessibility Resource Center 

  • To provide guidance regarding any ADA requirements (advertisement, event materials, location set up, parking….)

 Procurement & Contract Services 

  • To review and sign any contracts with vendors

 Campus Facilities Use Committee 

  • Requests for waiving campus facilities use fees or approval for events that fall outside of the mission of the University should be directed to the Campus Facilities Use Committee 

**For additional information, see the FAQ page of this website**