Student Placements with Community Organizations

Faculty teaching courses in which students are asked to participate in placements with community agencies or organizations for academic credit must ensure that a written Student Placement Agreement exists between the University and the host organization before the student is placed. Placements include, but are not limited to, service-learning, class-related volunteering, observation activities, preceptorships, internships, practicums, clinical experiences and student teaching.

The University provides general and professional liability insurance policies that afford coverage for students during credit bearing placements with community agencies provided there is a written agreement in place between the University and the hosting community organization.

For assistance with establishing agreements for Service Learning student placements please visit the Civic Engagement website or contact Ellie Ertle, Director, at ext. 5486.

For assistance with establishing agreements for Student Teaching placements please contact Duane McCune with Procurement & Contract Services at ext. 5134.

For assistance with establishing agreements for clinical student placements contact Jessica Verardi at ext. 5134. Examples of clinical placements are Social Work, Speech Pathology, Kinesiology, Nutrition and Food Science, Health and Community Services (non-CAVE), Recreation and Nursing.

For assistance with establishing agreements for internships please contact Ken Naas in the Career Center at ext. 5253.

The Chancellor’s Office provides a “Manual for Managing Risks in Service Learning”. While the manual was created for Service Learning, it also applies to other types of placements as well.

*For additional information, see the FAQ page of this website**