Risk Management Advisories

15 Passenger Van Use

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has determined that 15 passenger vans are not safe due to their high propensity for rollover. As such, the entire CSU system has removed 15 passenger vans from their fleet and any use of these vans is strongly discouraged. If a faculty or staff member chooses to use a 15 passenger van for state business, the requirements are as follows:

  1. The driver must have a valid class B commercial driver’s license per CA Education Code 39800.5 and public contracts code 10326.1.
  2. The driver must have an endorsement for operating a passenger transportation vehicle per CA Education Code 39800.5 and public contracts code 10326.1.
  3. The driver must be enrolled in the campus Employer Pull Notice Program.
  4. The driver must be in compliance with the hours of service requirements outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 49, §395.8 and the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 13, §§1201–1213.

If an employee or department chooses to use one or more 15 passenger vans for state business, a copy of each driver’s class B license and passenger endorsement will need to be provided to Vehicle Reservations to enroll the driver(s) in the Employee Pull Notice Program. It is the responsibility of the driver and the driver’s supervisor to document and maintain the hours of service log in accordance with the above regulations. Please contact Risk Management if you have any questions.

Written Agreements

Written agreements between the University and another party or vendor need to be reviewed by Procurement and Contract Services as they are the only office on campus that has the authority to commit purchases and contracts on behalf of the University. Additionally, all insurance requirements must be met before work commences, products are delivered, or facilities are occupied.