CSU, Chico Insurance Programs

Requesting Evidence of CSU, Chico Insurance

Risk Management is the office that is contacted when someone on campus needs proof of CSU, Chico insurance coverage.  This may be a request for "evidence of insurance" only, or for proof of insurance with a third party named as additional insured.  For either request you will need to submit a completed "Request for CSU, Chico Evidence of Insurance" form to Risk Management.  Our campus zip is 130, our fax number is 898-4513.  Please allow 7-10 working days for the processing.

Inland Marine Insurance

Departments, colleges, or administrative units can purchase coverage for such items as:  musical instruments, fine arts, art gallery exhibitions, electronic data processing equipment, laptops, camera equipment and other miscellaneous equipment for standard perils such as fire and theft.

Student Travel Accident Insurance

For off-campus activities only, the University maintains a Student Travel Accident Insurance policy. This coverage is excess to any which students have available and provides up to $10,000 for medical coverage.

Covered Persons:  Any California State University student, including students enrolled only in extended education programs of the California State University.

Hazard Insured Against:  Injuries to the insured while:  1) away from Campus or 2) traveling to or from or participating in a school sponsored activity.

School Sponsored Activity:  Travel or participation in activities off campus which:  1) is a part of a course requirement, or 2) is sponsored by a university auxiliary organization or other recognized student organization or club, or 3) includes travel to or from intercollegiate athletics events away from campus but does not include participation in such events or practices.

Foreign Travel Insurance Program

The California State University Risk Management Authority has negotiated a Foreign Travel Insurance Program for University faculty, staff, and students on University foreign travel. In order to obtain the insurance coverage and emergency assistance provided by this program, a copy of your completed travel request must be submitted to Risk Management 30 days prior to intended foreign travel. Please contact the Risk Management office for additional details.

Standard Rates:

# of Days           Per Participant/Per Trip

1-15                          $60

16-31                        $75

32-90                        $140

91-180                      $265

181-270                    $325

271-364                    $500

365+                        Refer to Risk Management

Insurance Coverage:
Foreign General Liability, Foreign Excess Automobile Liability, Foreign Workers' Compensation, Foreign Travel Accident & Sickness (Summary of Coverage)

Assistance Services:
Pre-Departure Information, Travel Medical Emergency Services, Medical Evacuation & Repatriation, Emergency Travel Assistance

Other Available Coverage:
Workers Compensation/Employer's Liability for Third Country Nationals or Local Nationals, Property (includes property in transit), Ocean Cargo Coverage (includes ocean or air shipments, import & export shipments, and warehouse to warehouse coverage).

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