Field Trips:

Q:    Where can I find information about field trips?
A:   General information, policies and procedures, can be found on the Risk Management web site under Academic Field Trips & Off-Campus Activities.
Q:    When do I need to request a waiver?
A:   Anytime you take students out-of-town, or in town and providing transportation, or the risk is greater than the classroom environment.
Q:    How do I request a waiver?
A:   Refer to the Request a Field Trip or Off-Campus Activity Waiver of Liability Form for information and instructions. Option 1 is the paper waiver request, Option 2 is the electronic submission for course related field trips.
Q:    Does a waiver need to be requested if our office is sponsoring a student to attend a conference?
A:   Yes. If the campus is paying for any part of the travel or conference registration, making arrangements, providing transportation, giving academic credit, or faculty or staff will oversee outing, there should be a signed waiver on file.
Q:    What is the turnaround time for a waiver form?
A:   Allow at least ten days.
Q:    How long do we retain the signed paper waiver forms?
A:   The original signed waiver forms should be retained by the department for one (1) year after the start date of the trip.
Q:    For the electronic waiver, how long can students access to accept the outing?
A:   Students have until midnight the start date of the field trip.
Q:    For the electronic process, how do I access the waiver once the field trip is processed?
A:    Log into the field trip program, click on the field trip, click on the waiver button. You can view or print a copy of the waiver for students not able to access the electronic program.
Q:    If I used the electronic process, how do I access the roster?
A:   Log into the field trip program, click on the field trip, click on the roster button.
Q:    For the electronic process, what do I do if students have not responded?
A:   Log into the field trip program, click on the field trip, click on the option to send a reminder. This will send an email to students who have not responded to the initial request, and to students who may have added the class after the trip was created.
Q:    If I have several field trips during the semester, do I submit a separate request for each outing?
A:   If the activities associated with each trip are similar in nature, you can submit one request to cover the entire semester (Term Waiver). Please call Risk management to discuss before requesting a Term Waiver.
Q:    I plan to use a charter bus service for the outing, what do I need to do for Risk Management?
A:   Call Risk Management to ensure the University has insurance on file for the charter service. Submit a request for waiver form indicating the name of the charter bus company in the transportation details section.
Q:    When I submit a bus reservation request, does it automatically submit a field trip waiver request?
A:   No. The process for securing a Bus Reservation is separate from the electronic Field Trip Waiver process.
Q:    Which request should I submit first, is there a preferred order?
A:    It is recommended that you submit the bus reservation request prior to the field trip request, but ensure the field trip request is at least 10 days prior to outing.

Food Service Providers:

Q:  How do I obtain the necessary insurance certificates and endorsements?
:  Talk to your insurance agent or broker.  To make it really easy provide them with a copy of the CSU Requirements for Caterers and Food Service Providers (.pdf) (Word).

Q:  What if my insurance agent/broker has questions? Can I have them call Risk Management directly?
:  Yes, by all means!  We are happy to talk to your agent/broker and provide any additional information they may need.  Our number is (530) 898-6588.

Q:  Can my agent include the additional insured information on the certificate of insurance rather than attaching a separate form?
:  No, the certificate is for information purposes only and does not constitute a legal endorsement of additional insured.

Q:  What about when my insurance expires:
:  If your agent/broker has not forwarded a renewed certificate of insurance automatically, they will be sent a reminder notice.

Q:  I don't have employees.  Do I need Workers' Compensation insurance coverage?
:  No, not if you are the sole practitioner and don't have employees.

Q:  I don't have employees of my own but I will be using employees from a temporary agency.  Do they need Workers' Compensation insurance coverage?
:  Yes, they will need coverage but in most cases the temporary agency provides Workers' Compensation insurance coverage.

Q:  Does Risk Management need a copy of the temporary agency's Workers' Compensation insurance coverage?
:  Yes

Q:  I will not be driving on grounds of CSU, Chico.  Will I need automotive insurance coverage?
:  No, if you are not driving on CSU, Chico property.

Q:  I use a rental car to cater events and purchase automobile insurance coverage through the car rental agency.  Will this suffice?
:  Yes, but we will need proof of coverage with adequate limits.

Q:  Where should my information be sent?
A:  You can mail your documentation to:

      Director of Risk Management California State University, Chico
      Kendall Hall, Room 205
      Chico, CA 95929-0130

     Or send via facsimile to 530 898-4513

Student Placements:

Q:  Does the University provide insurance for students who have been placed with outside agencies for various types of student placements (i.e. internships, student teaching, service learning . . . )
:  There are insurance programs in place to cover students in a variety of placements provided a written agreement is in place. Please contact our office for additional details.