Food Service Providers Question's:

Q:  How do I obtain the necessary insurance certificates and endorsements?
A:  Talk to your insurance agent or broker.  To make it really easy provide them with a copy of the CSU Requirements for Caterers and Food Service Providers (pdf) (Word).

Q:  What if my insurance agent/broker has questions? Can I have them call Risk Management directly?
:  Yes, by all means!  We are happy to talk to your agent/broker and provide any additional information they may need.  Our number is (530) 898-6588.

Q:  Can my agent include the additional insured information on the certificate of insurance rather than attaching a separate form?
A:  No, the certificate is for information purposes only and does not constitute a legal endorsement of additional insured.

Q:  What about when my insurance expires:
A:  If your agent/broker has not forwarded a renewed certificate of insurance automatically, they will be sent a reminder notice.

Q:  I don't have employees.  Do I need Workers' Compensation insurance coverage?
:  No, not if you are the sole practitioner and don't have employees.

Q:  I don't have employees of my own but I will be using employees from a temporary agency.  Do they need Workers' Compensation insurance coverage?
A:  Yes, they will need coverage but in most cases the temporary agency provides Workers' Compensation insurance coverage.

Q:  Does Risk Management need a copy of the temporary agency's Workers' Compensation insurance coverage?
A:  Yes

Q:  I will not be driving on grounds of CSU, Chico.  Will I need automotive insurance coverage?
A:  No, if you are not driving on CSU, Chico property.

Q:  I use a rental car to cater events and purchase automobile insurance coverage through the car rental agency.  Will this suffice?
A:  Yes, but we will need proof of coverage with adequate limits.

Q:  Does the University provide insurance for students that have been placed with outside agencies for various types of student placements (i.e. internships, student teaching, service learning . . . )
A:  There are insurance programs in place to cover students in a variety of placements provided a written agreement is in place. Please contact our office for additional details.

Q:  Where should my information be sent?
A:  You can mail your documentation to:

Director of Risk Management
California State University, Chico
Kendall Hall, Room 205
Chico, CA 95929-0130

Or send via facsimile to 530 898-4513.