Risk Management Advisory Board

The following is an excerpt from Executive Memorandum 04-01 dated February 16, 2004

The Risk Management Advisory Board shall serve as the principal advisory body to the President and Cabinet on risk management issues. Functions of the Board shall include the following:

  1. Assist in the implementation and maintenance of the campus Risk Management Program;
  2. Conduct an annual review of the Risk Management Policy and Program and initiate any changes to ensure that both are current with CSU policy; and
  3. Prepare and submit to the President and Cabinet a report on risk management issues, including campus compliance with the Risk Management Program and results of risk management activities, by May 31st of each year.

Membership of the Risk Management Advisory Board:

Associated Students, Risk Manager
Environmental Health and Safety, Director
Facilities Management and Services, Director
Human Resources, Vice Provost or designee
Provost or designee
Student Activities, Associate Vice President
University and Research Foundations, Risk Manager
University Housing and Food Service, Director
University Police Department, Chief
University Risk Manager