Request a Field Trip or Off Campus Activity Waiver of Liability Form

Please read the Academic Field Trips & Off Campus Activities Section before submitting your request.

Per requirements set forth in Executive Order 1051, Risk Management is responsible for preparing Waiver of Liability forms for Field Trips and off- campus activities.  Most off-campus activities, and some on-campus activities, will require students to sign a Waiver of Liability form. To help Risk Management determine whether a Waiver of Liability form might be appropriate, please:

1. Complete a Request for Field Trip or On/Off Campus Activity form and submit it to Risk Management at least five (5) business days prior to the activity.


2. Submit a Request for Field Trip On/Off Campus Activity form electronically via the following link (for course related field trips only): *Note: If the trip requiring approval is within 10 days of Request submission, we recommend using the paper Request instead of the electronic version.*

The faculty member listed as the instructor of record for the course, or the assigned designee, will need their portal credentials to sign into the program. Faculty can assign a designee by signing into the program, selecting the designee link, and entering the designee's portal ID/user name ( i.e. MSmith). The designee will then have the same access as the assigning Faculty. After signing in, please follow the process outlines below to request your waiver.

  1. Select the appropriate term from the drop down menu.
  2. Select the appropriate class from the drop down menu.
  3. Name the trip.
  4. Select whether the trip is being funded via Research Foundation.
  5. Select the appropriate transportation type (hold control and click enter to select more than one type).
  6. Provide a brief trip description.
  7. Provide trip location and dates (if only a one day trip only enter start date) *Please note that students will not be able to access the program to approve the waiver after the “trip start date” arrives. Please allow students sufficient time before the trip starts to access the program and approve the trip waiver.
  8. Submit for approval.

Once the request has been submitted, it will be forwarded to your department head for approval. Once approved by the department head, the request will be forwarded to Risk Management for approval. Once Risk Management has approved the trip, you will receive an email notifying you that your trip has been approved. In addition to the email you receive, each student enrolled in your course will also receive an email prompting them to approve the trip. They will approve the trip by signing into the program and electronically agreeing to the terms of the waiver created for the trip. You can log into your account at any time to review the status of the student's responses. You can also print a field trip roster and a hard copy of the waiver for students who are unable to complete the electronic process to sign. As there is no signature line on the printed copy, have the student sign in your presence near the bottom of the page. Signed paper waiver documents should be retained for three years (after the end of the current academic year), in the department office.

If you have any questions or problems with this program, please contact Risk Management at extension 6588.

Students can sign in and review any Waiver of Liability Forms pending their approval via the following link:

Students will need their portal credentials to sign into the program.

Department Heads can use their portal credentials to sign into the program to review and approve field trip requests via the following link:

**For additional information, see the FAQ page of this website**