April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Check out the calendar of campus events, and identify your role in prevention at Chico State.

Safe Place is proud to support Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2017 at Chico State

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) is a national effort to raise awareness about sexual assault, promote survivor support and solidarity, celebrate consent, and invite communities to consider their role in violence prevention. There are a variety of ways for Chico State students, faculty, and staff members to get involved throughout the month of April. You can check out, RSVP, and share our events on Facebook, and a detailed calendar is listed below as well.

Each week, events, activities, and messages will focus on one vital role that you can play in violence prevention. To share your participation in our events, and to be entered to win prizes throughout the month, post pictures of our events or your support and hashtag #ChicoStateSAAM

The theme for Week 1 is Survivor Support

Tuesday, April 4: SAAM Day of Action
Trinity Commons, 10am-2pm

The SAAM Day of Action is the start-off event for SAAM 2017, and will include activities, resources, survivor options for healing, and opportunities for you to share your support for survivors through activities and photo campaigns. Join us in Trinity Commons between 10am and 2pm, and learn about your role in supporting survivors.

Thursday, April 6: Survivor Support Social
9:30am-1:30pm, Safe Place Backyard (633 Brice Ave)

The Survivor Support Social is a free open house event that invites survivors and their allies to explore Safe Place's work, enjoy coffee and pastries, participate in activities, and stand in solidarity. Come enjoy the Safe Place Backyard, do some mindful coloring, connect with students, colleagues, and survivor allies, listen to music, and enjoy the sunshine.

The theme for Week 2 is Consent

Tuesday, April 11: Consent Fair
Glenn Walkway, 10am-2pm

Come learn about consent, grab a consent-focused button, and participate in activities that test your knowledge and awareness of consent! Consent matters, so join and support us in telling our campus why.

Tuesday, April 11: Yeah Maybe, No Film Screening
Colusa 100A, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Yeah Maybe No is a new documentary that considers the meaning of consent through stories of survival. It is a complex analysis of coercion that challenges stereotypes and preconceived notions we often hold about sexual assault. The film encourages us to support survivors and enhance our efforts to prevent sexual assault on college campuses.

Yeah Maybe, No follows a young gay man who is coming to terms with a history of multiple sexual assaults. After campus activists bring attention to consent at his university, he realizes that his early sexual encounters were more than just negative experiences. While processing this new identity, he finds gaps in the legal system and difficulties in getting peer support that leave him feeling left out of the conversation.

Testimony from experts in sexual violence and survivor experiences offer context for understanding the complexity of sexual assault in order to more fully support survivors

The theme for Week 3 is Bystander Intervention

Tuesday, April 18: Bystander Fair

Trinity Commons, 10am-2pm

Join us in exploring what it means to be an active bystander at Chico State. Learn skills, strategies, and options for intervening, and identify your role as a proactive bystander on campus. We will have buttons, prizes, and activities.

Tuesday, April 18: Faculty, Staff, and Administrator Bystander Training
Colusa 100A, 9am-10:30am

Faculty, staff, and administrators at Chico State are invited to participate in an overview about their role in promoting bystander intervention at Chico State. The training will involve skills and knowledge building, and will invite participants to be active bystanders and proactive leaders in violence prevention. Register for and learn more about this training through the DTS system.

The theme for Week 4 is Activism

*This week of events is also Take Back the Night Week through AS Gender and Sexuality Equity Center. Please contact them for more information about their events.

Monday, April 24: What Makes a Survivor Workshop by Rape Crisis Intervention
The UHUB, 1-3pm

Contact the AS Gender and Sexuality Equity Center for more information about this event.

Tuesday, April 25: The Hunting Ground Screening
BMU 203, 6pm-8pm

Join Safe Place for a film screening and discussion about sexual assault on college campuses. The Hunting Ground is a documentary highlighting sexual assault on college campuses. It follows campus activists as they expose university mishandling of sexual assault cases across the country. By exploring survivor experiences and challenges, as well as university cover-ups, the film encourages us to support survivors and take a campus-wide stance against sexual assault. 

All campus and community members are encouraged to attend, and to explore our individual and collective roles in preventing sexual assault.

Wednesday, April 26: Denim Day
Glenn Walkway/Gauntlet, 10am-2pm

Join us in The Gauntlet as we celebrate Denim Day at Chico State. Denim Day is an international event to demonstrate activism and support for survivors of sexual assault. Show your support by wearing denim on April 26, and join us with photo campaigns, buttons, and more opportunities to engage with the issue of sexual assault. 

To learn more about Denim Day, visit www.denimdayinfo.org

Wednesday, April 26: Consent & Communication Workshop
BMU 220G, 6:00pm-7:30pm

Safe Place and Catalyst Domestic Violence Services invite you to a skill-building workshop about consent and communication. The workshop will provide you with a space to understand consent, explore barriers that come with having the conversation, and leave more confident to engage in healthy sexual relationships with others.

Thursday, April 27: Take Back the Night
BMU Auditorium, 6:00pm

Contact the AS Gender and Sexuality Equity Center for more information about this event.

Friday, April 28: Debriefing Brunch
The Cross-Cultural Leadership Center, 10am

Contact the AS Gender and Sexuality Equity Center for more information about this event.