How to know if you have consent

At times it may be difficult to determine if your partner is consenting to a sexual act. Do not assume that they are consenting without asking them for their consent or being aware of their body language. This is why we adhere to the Affirmative Consent Standard.

Affirmative Consent Standard

The Affirmative Consent Standard states that the person who initiates sexual contact must receive a VERBAL YES from the other person before engaging in any sexual activity -- and that consent must be ongoing throughout the entire sexual encounter.

Under this standard, it is the responsibility of the person who initiates sexual contact to make sure they have the VERBAL CONSENT of the other person -- instead of more traditional standards, which assumes it is a person's responsibility to say "no". 

Tips to make sure you are having consensual sex:

  • Look for a sober partner and be sober yourself -- remember that if you, or the other person are intoxicated, legally, consent cannot be given
  • A lack of a "no" does not mean "yes"
  • A "yes" once does not mean a "yes" always