Facts about Stalking

Myth: Stalking is creepy but not dangerous.
Truth: Stalking is creepy and has the potential to be very dangerous. Nearly 75 percent of women killed by their intimate partner were first stalked by them.

Myth: If you ignore stalking, it will go away.
Truth: Stalkers seldom "just stop." If ignored, stalking has the potential to escalate and become violent.

Myth: Confronting stalkers will make them stop or go away.
Truth: Confronting a stalker can be very dangerous, causing the stalker to feel threatened or possibly react violently.

Myth: Stalkers are frequently strangers.
Truth: A stalker can be anyone. It can be someone you know very well, or someone whom you do not know at all.

Myth: You cannot be stalked by a current dating partner.
Truth: A person can be stalked by someone they are currently dating. If your current partner watches your every move or follows you around in a manner that makes you uncomfortable, it is still stalking.

Myth: Only celebrities are stalked.
Truth: Many people, both men and women, are stalked. Nearly 13 percent of college women report being stalked, and 1 in 12 women and 1 in 45 men report being stalked at some point in their lifetime.