Safe Place offers a variety of training opportunities to the campus and community addressing a range of topics connected to interpersonal violence (intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and stalking).

Professional Training

We offer professional training for students faculty or staff in small or large group formats. Training can address any unique needs or questions you have.
Some topics we present include:

  • Introductory education (101) to help you understand the dynamics and statistics related to interpersonal violence
  • Crisis intervention techniques for those who may be the first to hear from a victim or survivor
  • Trauma informed responses to disclosures, as well as tools for creating safer spaces for all survivors in your class, organization, or group
  • Population-specific experiences of interpersonal violence, and how diverse aspects of identity may intersect with experiences of interpersonal violence

Presentations and Workshops

We provide interactive formats for addressing various topics with students, faculty, or staff. We can present in classrooms, at events, or to groups and organizations. 
Some topics include:

  • Safe Place services overview for classes or groups with only 10-15 minutes to spare, where we will tell you all about Safe Place services and events
  • Consent, including what consent is, how to have the conversation, and addressing barriers to engaging in dialogue about sex and sexuality
  • Healthy relationships, including tools for practicing healthy and safe behaviors in relationships, as well as red flags of unhealthy or unsafe relationships
  • Active bystander technique for campus members who want to learn more about how to intervene when they see red flags
  • Rape culture and victim-blaming, two things that make prevention efforts and supporting victims and survivors difficult


Tabling events, photo campaigns, and informational materials are a few of the many outreach materials we provide. Look for us in Trinity Commons, the Gauntlet, or campus events. Invite us to table at your events!


If you are interested in doing a prevention project on campus, we would love to support you, offer our resources, and consult with you about how to make it safe and supportive for survivors. If you have ideas or feedback for us, we want to hear from you!

Mandatory training for students, faculty, and staff is organized through the Title IX office. You may direct any questions about online learning modules or refresher training to Title IX.