Our Partners

To achieve our goals, SAGE has enlisted partners from the corporate sector, private foundations, NGOs and international agencies that see SAGE as compatible with their commitment to social responsibility. Benefits to these partners include:

• SAGE fits into the global philanthropy objectives of many multinational corporations
• Many corporations have a long-standing commitment of contributing to its local communities.
• SAGE is an ideal vehicle for a company’s employees staff to give back to their communities—wherever they live
• SAGE meets many of the criteria for Development Marketplace grants from the World Bank, it targets the U.N.’s Millennium Development Goals), and addresses many of the concerns of the International Labor Organization in the areas of youth employment, leadership development, and economic literacy
• SAGE students will be able to create economic opportunities that otherwise might not be available in their communities.
• More young people will learn the skills they need to be successful in our increasingly competitive society and more students will experience the freedom of financial independence through entrepreneurship.

Our partners include financial sponsors and education organizations that support youth entrepreneurship, including:

Youth Venture
Virtual Enterprise
National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)