What We Do


Supports Young Entrepreneurs
Furthers Civic Engagement and Builds Social Capital
Promotes Environmental Awareness
Expands Social Networks
Hosts SAGE Tournaments

In completing business and social ventures, SAGE teams are encouraged to integrate ethical business practices, social responsibility, civic engagement and environmental awareness into their activities. To be competitive, SAGE teams must address 10 SAGE judging criteria.

How can SAGE teams get the funds to start their ventures?


For non-USA teams, we encourage them to apply for microenterprise loans from the SAGE Bank of up to $250. Individuals on these teams can receive loans of up to $100. The microenterprise bank concept is so powerful that the founder of the Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yunus, recently won a Nobel Peace Prize.

Youth Venture

We are especially pleased to announce that, starting fall 2006, USA SAGE teams are encouraged to seek grants of up to $1,000 as part of our partnership with Youth Venture.