Programs for Future Science Teachers

Preservice Degree Programs for
Future Science Teachers

The BA in Natural Sciences for
Foundational Level General Science Teachers

The BA in Natural Sciences# in the Department of Science Education permits individuals to enter the teacher credential program in the School of Education and ultimately to qualify for a single subject credential in foundational level general science (FLGS).  This credential is primarily for the middle school level or for a K-12 non-departmentalized integrated science program.  For current information, contact the program advisor Ann Bykerk-Kauffman (PHSC 114; 898-6305) or the Department of Science Education.

Degree Programs for Future
High School Teachers in Specific Sciences

For students who are interested in teaching at the high school level, the individual science departments offer the following science subject matter preparation programs:

Biology BA in Biological Sciences*.

Advisors: Joel J. Mintzes (Holt 206; 898-4550)

and Bev Marcum (Holt 330; 898-5539)

Chemistry BA Chemistry*   

Advisor: Chris Nichols (PHSC 308; 898-5541)

Geosciences BS Geosciences - Option in Science Education*   

Advisor: Ann Bykerk-Kauffman (PHSC 114; 898-6305)

Physics BS Physics - Option in General Physics*   

Advisors:Chris Gaffney (PHSC 106A; 898-6259)

and David Kagan (PHSC 106C or Holt 377; 898-4575)

#Approval by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing pending.