CSUC-UPI Collaboration Project

Dr. Stewart Oakley and Chico State students have developed a collaboration agreement with the Polytechnic University of Engineering (UPI) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, over the last several years. Under this agreement, SEEHD students have begun to work with UPI engineering students and faculty on a project entitled Communal Sanitation Facilities and Medical Clinic for the Tegucigalpa, Honduras Solid Waste Disposal Site. Chico State students submitted an engineering analysis for the project to the Municipality of Tegucigalpa in June 2009, and construction of the facility began shortly thereafter. The project was funded by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, who donated $25,000 for materials. This collaboration provides CSUC and UPI students the chance to further enhance international exposure and gain invaluable real-world engineering experience. SEEHD looks forward to the development of this collaboration with UPI during the current year.

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