Ceramic Water Filter Project

The goal of our project is to empower Chico State students and members of the Chico community to learn about the benefits of ceramic water filtration as a healthy and sustainable alternative to plastic water bottle usage. We will implement the production of ceramic water filters into the Environmental Engineering Lab with the support of professor, Dr. Stewart Oakley. We plan to promote and distribute these filters throughout campus and to eventually share this technology with the community of Tela, Honduras.

Project Goals and Desired Outcomes

  • To educate Chico State students about water quality and scarcity issues around the globe and the benefits of sustainable ceramic water filters. Ceramic water filters are practical, economical, and easy to use for filtering water right here in Chico.
  • To provide students in Dr. Stewart Oakley's Environmental Engineering Lab and Biological Processes Lab with the hands-on experience of participating in the experimentation and small scale production of ceramic water filters. Chico State is a "live-in laboratory" and this experience would greatly benefit students and complement their Chico State experience.
  • To be highly visible to the campus community and to Chico residents. The members of CSU, Chico's non-profit student organization, Sustainable Engineering and Environmental Health for Development (SEEHD), will be supporting this project by conducting public outreach. Presentations throughout campus and local businesses, participation in This Way to Sustainability VII, Campus Sustainability Day and the Student Market, providing information on our website, and creating and distributing supported educational materials, such as pamphlets and an instructional video about ceramic water filters at Chico State, will be implemented to increase awareness.
  • To incorporate service learning by sharing the technique of ceramic water filter production with our partnering community of Tela, Honduras. SEEHD gives students an opportunity to apply the techniques learned in the classroom in developing countries and within different cultures.

This project will be self-sustained by the income we generate from sales of filters. SEEHD will be tabling on campus beginning in the Spring of 2012 to educate students and offer very economically priced filters (roughly $4-5 each). This revenue will provide the funds to continue to buy clay and burn-out materials. All other necessary equipment will be purchased upon receiving funding from SFAC. This project will benefit not only Chico State students, but the campus community as well. Our promotional materials that SEEHD develops to promote and educate about Ceramic Water Filter Production will show Chico State's commitment to ecological, economical and socially equitable sustainability. Aligned with the Associated Students definition of Sustainability, this project integrates ecological soundness, economical resourcefulness, and social equity.

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