Health Clinic Restoration

The most recent project adopted by SEEHD involves the restoration of a health education clinic in Tela Honduras. This clinic is responsible for educating over 150 villages in and around Tela who live in extreme poverty. The purpose of this facility is to educate and train locals within each village so that they are knowledgeable on topics such as the importance of vaccination, family planning, personal hygiene, proper waste disposal, and disease (dengue, malaria, H1N1, HIV, diarrhea, and tuberculosis).

The students of SEEHD plan to help the public health department rebuild a former hospital to enable them to hold large-scale educational conferences. Using both environmental health skills in cooperation with engineering, this project is the perfect way to showcase how closely these two career paths are entwined. SEEHD students plan to provide engineering assistance, in terms of the building restoration and design, as well as environmental health information and educational assistance for the conferences.

This project allows SEEHD students the ability to work closely with professionals in another country, they address engineering and environmental health issues that are vital to the safety of the general public. Public health issues such as these enable students to connect on a more human level with other professionals and with the public in general.

Photo Gallery

people in front of the old health building