Wastewater Treatment Project

Since 2005, students under the guidance of Dr. Stewart Oakley have been successfully working with the Municipality of Tela, Honduras, to provide engineering assistance for the repair and improvements of a failing natural wastewater-stabilization lagoon-system. CSUC-EWB is currently involved in long-term collaboration with the Municipality and has implemented repairs and improvements as proposed in the wastewater-improvement design reports. These improvements, all done while maintaining system operation, involved the de-sludging of an overburdened and failing primary lagoon; the installation of a by-pass channel; and the installation of a Parshall flume.

The most recent report, completed in January 2009, contains a description of the as-built conditions, recommended procedures for continued operation and maintenance, and the proposed design improvements for the over-all sustainability of the lagoon system. This project continues to enhance the public health and safety of the approximately 8,000 residents the system serves. SEEHD is committed to monitoring the system's operational characteristics for future troubleshooting as well as adding to a growing database for wastewater treatment systems in developing communities.

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students inspects new water diversion channel