Student Assistants

image of Mallory Calloway

Mallory Calloway, HEAT Intern

Image of Carrie Goodeill

Carrie Goodeill, HEAT Intern

Image of Tyresha Cohns

Tyresha Cohns, HEAT Intern

Andrea Carrasco

Andrea Carrasco, Health Administration Intern

Bridget McClarrinon

Bridget McClarrinon, Student Assistant

Major: Organizational Communications/Pre-Nursing

Favorite Quote: "Set your goals high, and don't stop 'till you get there."

        - Bo Jackson

Image of Hanri Snyman

Emily Schilling, Student Assistant

Student Health IT assistant Ashley Hoy

Ashley Hoy, IT Student Assistant


image of Sean Mcguigan

Sean McGuigan, IT Student Assistant

Alex Barney

Alexandria Barney, Student Assistant


Daone Lee

Daone Lee, Pharmacy Assistant

Lillian Moghadam Lillian Moghadam, Student Assistant