SHAC Minutes 2012

SHAC Agenda 2-13-2012

Meeting began @ 9:02 AM

  1. Elections
    1. Vice Chair (Will help President with any needs) Congratulations to Heather!
    2. Director of Outreach (person will communicate with on campus groups and community) Congratulations to Arianna!
    3. Communication Coordinator (Will help maintain social media ex: Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Congratulations to Jessica!
  2. Update of National Condom Day 2-14/2-15 (CADEC will be promoting safe sex and be giving out treats and SHAC will be teaching about self-esteem and relationships)
    1. Volunteer tabling sheet (available sign-ups for 11am-3pm)
  3. Love Every Body Week (March 5th-9th)(Participating groups will be WREC, GSEC, FPA, RHA, FIT-U, etc.)
    1. Meeting on 2-17 3pm-4pm at SSC 426
  4. Updates from student groups
    1. HPA
      1. They will be tabling at National Condom Day and would love for people to sign up for hours.
      2. They will do about 3 events per month
      3. They are beginning to coordinate with local track meets and will be participating in the Shamrock Shuffle.
    2. CADEC
      1. Will also be tabling at National Condom Day
      2. Will be hosting the Shamrock Shuffle.
      3. Will be hosting Wildcat Watch Team which will be a day of training in CPR, how to deal with alcohol poisoning, how to help others, and will have speakers talking about similar subjects. Lunch will be provided and students MUST pre-register to CADEC in SSC 190. There will be two times it will be held (Feb. 25th  10am-5pm, or April 21 10am-5 pm. Call 530 898-6450 for more details.