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Spring 2011 Semi-Annual Report

  • Amended SHAC bylaws.
  • Reviewed National College Health Association (NCHA) survey results.
    • Used results of this survey to determine future activities of SHAC. Outcomes related to mental health were found to be a significant issue among CSUC students.  SHAC decided to have an event focusing on promoting good mental health (Stress Less the WellCat Way) this semester.
    • Used these results to create a calendar of health areas to focus on during the 2011/2012 school year. Each calendar month has been assigned one health topic (correlating with National events). This calendar was presented to the  Wellness Initiative and will be adopted by it’s members providing unified messaging across campus.
  • Video Contest:
    • Hosted a video contest for the entire student body asking students, clubs, and individuals to create videos about SHS services.
    • The Orion ran an article about this event.
    • Resulted in two videos currently being used on the SHAC and SHS websites providing information about SHS.
  • National Condom Day:
    • Partnered with the Health Professionals Association and the SHS Interns to promote the use of condoms and safe sex.
    • Promoted Family Pact
  • “Stress Less, the WellCat Way”
    • Held during dead week, SHAC teamed with SHS interns to promote positive stress management.
    • Organized acupuncturist and massage therapists to provide free services during the vent.
    • Handed out tips to positively manage stress and SHAC promotional material. SHAC collected feedback on SHS during this event. Also promoted Family Pact.
  • American College Health Association Conference.
    • SHAC’s faculty advisor attended the ACHA conference to present a poster titled A Model of Success: California State University, Chico’s Student Health Advisory Council.
    • Developed relationship with several SHACs across the country to learn more about other SHAC’s and their objectives.