Updated 9/3/2014

The Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

SHAC serves as the liaison between the campus and Student Health Service. This diverse council consisting of students, faculty, and Student Health Service staff meets regularly throughout the academic year.

If you're interested in serving on the SHAC, please e-mail:

Goals for 2015/2016

  •  Health Education:

    • Implement health promotion based on the calendar created last year. While collaborating with the Wellness Center, CADEC, WREC, Counseling, and the SHS interns on these opportunities.

    • Increase tabling events and continue to grow our collaboration with other groups on campus.

    • Incorporate information learned at the ACHA conference to promote better health using 'best practices' at Chico State.

  • Increase awareness of SHAC across campus

  • Support SHS in their campaign to increase student fees



2015 Minutes