Updated 6/22/2015

Responsibilities include:

1. To act as liaison between the Student Health Service (hereafter referred to as the SHS) and the campus community.

2. To review, evaluate, and make recommendations regarding the operation of the SHS in order to better facilitate the needs of the students and campus community.

3. To review the annual budget, evaluate alternative revenue sources, and review periodic independent audits.

4. To promote the general health and welfare of CSU, Chico's student population.

5. To review and make recommendations regarding the supplemental health and accident insurance policy available to CSU, Chico students.

6. To conduct an annual satisfaction survey and review student suggestions that would help the SHS become more responsive to student needs.

7. To participate in providing health education opportunities for students, the campus, and the community.

Officer and Duties:

The Chair- Adan Osoria

The chair shall call and preside over all meetings of SHAC. The Chair establishes all subcommittee chairs and subcommittees as deemed necessary for the effective functioning of SHAC.


The Vice Chair- Andrea Carrasco

The Vice Chair shall assist the Chair as well as assume all duties of the Chair in his/her absence. The Vice Chair will also take on duties appointed by SHAC chair and/or Faculty Advisor.

The Secretary- Fou Linh Saechao

The Secretary shall be responsible for seeing those records of all proceeding of SHAC are kept and that the minutes are disturbed to all members and available to any interested party upon request. (Minutes must be sent to SHS IT to be posted on the website) The secretary shall also assume all duties of Vice-Chair in his/her absence.

Director of Outreach-Akwakei Ajeukwa (AJ)

The Director of Outreach shall act as a liaison between SHAC and other organizations, on and off campus. They shall also recruit SHAC members to represent the campus community as dictated by the SHAC bylaws.

The Communication Coordinator- Caitlyn Raymond

The communication coordinator shall be responsible for managing and updating SHAC’s website and Social Networking according to the will of the majority of SHAC members.  They shall also assume all duties of the Secretary in his/her absences.

The SHAC Members- Everyone

They shall attend all meetings regularly and shall participate in outreach including health education and SHAC recruitment.


  1. SHAC shall meet two times per month during the academic school year.
  2. The Chair will call any additional SHAC meeting if needed or requested by a majority of its voting members.