Student Health Insurance Plan

CSU, Chico partnered with Wells Fargo Insurance to provide an optional LOW COST supplemental Student Health insurance for those medical conditions that exceed the scope of the Student Health Center and/or require the care of an outside physician or facility.  It is the student’s financial responsibility for any healthcare obtained outside the Student Health Center.  For more details, please click on the links below:

Wells Fargo Student Insurance

Anthem Insurance

Graduating Students Information Page

The Getting Covered Campaign helps new graduates access health care and insurance through current healthcare laws. This campaign provides a Graduation Toolkit with information on dependent healthcare coverage, with responses to questions such as:

  • How to stay on or go back on their parent's plan up to age 26
  • What to look for when buying individual insurance including key insurance terms
  • What students should know if they have a pre-existing or chronic condition
  • What government insurance programs, such as Medicaid, might be available in each state
  • Where to find local community health centers
  • What students need to know about the new health care law
  • What young women should look for

With this information, new graduates will be able to make informed decisions about access to care based on state laws and standards. For further information, download the toolkit at 

Written by: Joi Fletcher, Peer Health Educator/Student Assistant.