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Last Updated: 05/06/2011


Social student life often revolves around alcohol. Parties and the bars are usually where students get together with friends on the weekends and even during the week. However, drinking too much can lead to negative consequences such as: Getting sick, being hung-over, hurting yourself or others, fighting, DUI’s, unplanned or unprotected sex, and other harmful consequences as well. Drinking excessively over a long period of time can lead to damage to your health.

Tips to Ensure Safe Drinking:


  • Limit your consumption to one drink per hour
  • Eat plenty of food before drinking alcohol
  • Stay hydrated with water before, during, and after drinking alcohol (especially when it is hot outside)
  • Drink slowly, and set a limit on how much alcohol you will consume beforehand
  • Do not mix drinks. Example: Drinking beer, wine and tequila together can lead to vomiting or alcohol poisoning
  • Never leave someone unattended if they are in need of medical help or appear too drunk to function
  • Know your limits; do not consume more than you know your body can handle
  • Call 9-1-1 if there is ever an emergency with yourself, a friend, or someone around you

For More Information:


Alcohol Hotlines Include the Following:

Alcohol and Drug Abuse 24 hour Hotline
Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Information
Alcoholics Anonymous of Chico
(530) 342-5756