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Signs and Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Infections Include:

Genital discharge, painful urination, sores and/or blisters on the genitals, warts or bumps, pain during sexual intercourse.

Facts About STI’s

  • More than 13 million cases of STI’s are reported each year.
  • One in Four people will contract an STI in their lifetime
  • Most Cases, 2/3, of STI’s occur in people under the age of 25

(The Student Health Center Offers Free Condoms and Free STI Screenings with Full

Healthy Relationships:

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It is important that any relationship you are a part of is a healthy one. It is
often hard to see and realize if you are involved in an unhealthy relationship, but if so it is important to get out. Whether the relationship involves friends, family, or a significant other, here are some tips to ensure your relationship is healthy:

Healthy Relationships Should Include:
Trust, honesty, forgiveness and support
Signs of Unhealthy Relationships are:
Dishonesty, possessiveness, violence and/or abuse (physically, verbally and/or mentally), control, anger, and jealousy

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