Updated 3/8/2012

Laboratory examinations complement the outpatient clinic service. The Student Health Service Laboratory is certified as a high complexity laboratory by State and Federal accrediting agencies. Many of the tests ordered by Student Health personnel are provided without charge.  However, the cost of some tests cannot be supported by the Student Health Service, and the cost of these tests is the student's responsibility. The Student Health Service Laboratory cannot do insurance billing, but we can provide a receipt so the student can bill his/her own insurance. 

Laboratory tests ordered by outside physicians are also performed by the laboratory on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only.


Some tests require that patients be fasting (no food or liquid except water for 10-12 hours) prior to having the blood sample taken.  If you are uncertain whether your test(s) require you be fasting, call the laboratory or your provider.

For routine tests, patients should arrive in the lab no later than 4 p.m.
Examples of some tests performed in the lab:  Urine tests (including pregnancy and bladder infection tests), blood test for anemia, chemistry and thyroid panels, sexually transmitted infection testing (including HIV and Chlamydia), and bacteriology cultures.

Contact information for laboratory orders:

Fax: (530) 898-6109