Travel Immunization

Updated 06/03/2013

For the latest travel warning and alerts, please click on this link:

Current Travel Advisory

Planning to travel or study abroad?  The Student Health Center offers the following medical services to help keep you safe and healthy during your travels:

Travel consultations are scheduled on Thursday and Friday mornings only (Thursday mornings during summer hours).

Please call our office at (530)898-5241 to schedule an appointment; PLEASE DO NOT DELAY AS APPOINTMENT TIMES FILL QUICKLY. 

Travel Immunization picture

* Tetanus
* Hepatitis A
* Hepatitis B
* Typhoid
* Meningitis
* Influenza (seasonal)

Malaria and yellow fever vaccines can be received at the Butte County Health Department; you will be required to attend their travel consultation prior to receiving these vaccinations. More information on their services can be found by visiting their website at

Illness Prevention:

  •     Travelers’ diarrhea
  •     Personal safety
  •     Animal bites/rabies
  •     Environmental exposures (altitude, heat, cold, water)
  •     Malaria/insect avoidance
  •     Sexually Transmitted Infections

Travel Health Resources:

  •     Travel information sources/website
  •     Travel medical kit
  •     Water purification methods
  •     Medical evacuation insurance

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We recommend that students who may need vaccinations, medicines, or other travel-related services come to the Student Health Center for a medical consultation ONE MONTH OR MORE before leaving on their trip.

Additional information on travel health services offered at the Student Health Center can be obtained at the second floor nurses’ station, by calling 898-6076 or click here.