Medical Treatment

Updated 3/19/2014

SHS services include basic medical care, management of acute illness, limited mental health care, preventative care, health education, contraception, STI treatment, travel medicine and immunizations.

It is not the intention of SHS to replace a student’s primary care provider. We do not offer the 24/7 services or continuity of a typical primary care office; given limitations in our staffing and our hours of operations. We are closed during the evenings, weekends and campus holidays. For students with chronic established illness or complex medical needs we encourage the ongoing relationship with a personal physician. For students residing far from home, consideration for a local community provider is suggested. SHS can offer interim care and referral services.

SHS does not provide emergency medical care; nor do we manage care during hospitalization.

*No cost for ALL eligible students

**Low or minimal cost for all eligible students

***Additional low cost charges for complex laboratory testing

****Students will be held financially responsible

Acute Care Clinic* (Walk-In)

The Acute Care Clinic (ACC) serves patients with new onset illness.

Such as sore throat, joint sprains/ muscle strains, vomiting or diarrhea, flu

The ACC is not intended for the treatment of chronic medical conditions. An appointment with your usual provider is advised for chronic issues.

If you have recently seen a provider at the health center for a problem, we recommend you ask for the same provider again if you need a re-check. However, don’t delay urgent care just to wait for a specific provider.

The ACC is not an Emergency Room. Patients who present to the Student Health Center with emergent medical issues are referred to the ER.

Health problems such as Sudden Chest Pain, Difficulty Breathing, Severe Abdominal Pain, Headache with Fever and Stiff Neck, Fever >103 F, or Severe Pain are of such potentially high seriousness that immediate evaluation through an Emergency Room is the safest approach to your care.

A word on chest pain….

Due to the many potential serious causes of chest pain such as heart attack, pulmonary embolus, blood clots, aortic dissection or tension pneumothorax; any patient with recent onset chest pain, especially when symptoms are persistent and who may be potentially unstable with symptoms like dizziness, palpitations, nausea or vomiting, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, should receive evaluation in an Emergency Department to accurately rule out more serious, potentially life threatening diagnoses.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment

Aegis Medical System Inc. (530) 345-3491 


Butte County Behavioral Health (530) 891-2810

Crisis Line: 24 hours / 7 days a week (800) 334-6622 


Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center (530)898-6450


Chico Recovery Center (530)343-6566


Focus Treatment Center (916) 514-8500


Northern California Therapy Susan Madson LCSW RASII, CCDS

(949) 521-9049


Pathways Recovery (916) 235-9259


Skyway House (530)898-8326

Brandon Stark MD ( 530) 899-2126


Therapeutic Solutions (530)899-3150


Includes visits with a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant.

Although we do not have a dermatologist on site, you can be seen for basic screenings and treatment for acne, warts and common rashes such as eczema or poison oak. More complex and chronic dermatological issues will be referred to a local specialist. At the current time, we are not prescribing Accutane. 

Laboratory Testing***

Laboratory examinations complement the outpatient clinic service. The Student Health Service Laboratory is certified as a high complexity laboratory by the federal government. For more details click here Laboratory

Local Health Specialists*

Includes local health specialists and health facilities within the community if health care is needed that is beyond the scope of Student Health Service.For more information click here.

Medical Appointments*

Medical appointments with a doctor, physician assistant or nurse practitioner provide basic care, screening and education for acute, minor illness and basic mental health care. After hours care, emergency management, specialist and comprehensive care for complex chronic illness is beyond the scope of SHS. We can provide referral to off campus providers for chronic and specialist care that is beyond the scope of our services. SHS providers do not consult or manage patients during hospitalization. Students are responsible for fees if they are referred to an outside provider. We recommend you maintain an insurance plan for care of chronic illness and in the event of unexpected needs.

When returning in follow up, we encourage students to ask for and make an appointment with the same provider when possible.  Continuity of care with the same provider is more likely to result in better outcomes and patient satisfaction. However do not delay urgent care just to wait for a specific provider. Because of the limited scope of treatment offered, at some point in your care, you may be referred into the community for ongoing care if your clinical needs exceed what we can safely and reasonably provide for you.

Men’s and Women’s Health*

Includes family planning, reproductive health, cancer screening, and colposcopy.

Mental Health

“We provide limited outpatient mental health services during weekdays, when we are open. Basic intake evaluations and medication management are handled by our board-certified primary care physicians and our psychiatric nurse practitioner. Your provider may also recommend lifestyle changes and counseling.

 Due to the limited scope of our care and depending on the response to treatment, at some point, you may be referred to a community psychiatrist for ongoing care if your clinical needs exceed what we can safely and reasonably provide for you. Students with chronic psychiatric illness are recommended to establish with a local provider in the community. Students can be seen on campus with Community Psychiatry

Orthopedic Supply Price List

The following are a list of prices for orthopedic supplies at Student Health – prices are subject to change without notice.

Orthopedic Supplies


Brace, ankle (air - gel cast)


Cervical collar


Clavicle support


Knee immobilizer


Rib belt








Splint-Wrist velcro


Walking boot



Includes prescription medication and over-the-counter items.  The first 10 condoms are free to eligible students upon request. For more details click here Pharmacy


Students can be seen on campus with Dr. Singh of Community Psychiatry, learn more…

For those with pre-existing psychiatric diagnosis; such as depression, anxiety, bipolar or attention deficit disorder; we recommend becoming established with a local psychiatrist.

Other Community Resources

Butte County Behavioral Health

Enloe Medical Center (Behavioral Health)

Enloe Medical Center (Find a Doctor)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The Alex Project

Therapeutic Solutions

Patient Information Websites